'To come alongside': how the Chaplaincy can support you

Posted by nm365 at Jun 04, 2020 04:29 PM |
A welcome for all faiths and none

Times of crisis have a particular poignancy when it comes to faith and spirituality. For many people of faith, big questions and doubts arise. For just as many others, the stretching and testing of their beliefs can actually make them stronger. Many people without a faith actually acquire one during crises. And for people of all faiths or none, such times often lead to the accessing of ancient spiritual practices that are, perhaps surprisingly, helpful in processing events and coping with life. You might know these by different names: silence and solitude, mindfulness and meditation, wisdom, prayer.

At the Chaplaincy, our aim is to be a place of welcome for people of all faiths and none. Our team hail from different traditions of the Christian faith, but their reach goes beyond that. The word 'chaplain' literally means 'to come alongside'; the goal is not to push an agenda or belief system on people, but rather to accompany them on their own journey; to supplement and support the other aspects of well-being work across the university, whether or not this takes the form of an explicitly 'spiritual' or 'religious' journey'

If you would appreciate some support, please do get in touch: chaplaincy@le.ac.uk or Chaplaincy to the University of Leicester on Facebook

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