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Ensuring the University is inclusive, respectful and welcoming.

Content warning: gender/sexual violence

The first week of February is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which is a national week to raise awareness around sexual abuse and violence.

Our University community is our greatest asset. Through Standing Together and Dignity and Respect at Leicester we’re tackling unacceptable behaviours, including sexual violence and abuse. We have reporting and support mechanisms in place for staff and students affected by these behaviours.

Dignity and Respect at Leicester
Our Dignity and Respect at Leicester Framework outlines, with clear definitions and examples, what unacceptable behaviours are and the processes in place to address, deal and report them. Each member of the University is expected to behave with respect and courtesy, to help ensure the University feels welcoming and safe, and is free from unacceptable behaviours, such as harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination. If you have been subject to unacceptable behaviours and would like to discuss this, please get in touch with our confidential staff Dignity and
Respect contact service by emailing If you are a student, you can disclose and receive support through the Report and Support website.

Angie Pears, Interim Associate Director of EDI and OD, said: “We are committed to ensuring that the University is inclusive, respectful and welcoming to all members of our community and we each have a personal responsibility to make this happen”.

Erase the Grey campaign
We have relaunched our Erase the Grey campaign on social media (#erasethegrey). Created by Glasgow Caledonian University it highlights that ‘there are no grey areas when it comes to gender-based violence’. Our Erase the Grey webpage includes signposting to resources for staff and students from the University and the Students’ Union.

Sarah Cavendish, Head of Student Support Services, said: “Campaigns like Erase the Grey are vital to enabling a better understanding and sense of responsibility within our whole University community. The Standing Together Team and Student Support Services are working hard to challenge myths and misconceptions around sexual and gender-based violence. We are committed to providing support to any student subjected to any form of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or any other form of unacceptable behaviour through our team of trained sexual violence liaison officers. Please do get in touch through Report and Support if you would like to talk through your options and seek support at your own pace.

Karli Wagener, Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer, added: "As a Students' Union, we want to equip survivors with the means to help make informed decisions, especially when it comes to signposting.

We've created a Sexual Violence Survivors' guide which can be found in toilets across campus and in University-owned accommodation; it can also be found online. The guide contains a number of resources, including details of local charities, emergency contact numbers, and step-by-step support for those who may need it.

“We need to empower survivors. Sexual violence is about asserting power and removing the power of another person. The survivor needs to be empowered to make decisions themselves, especially with the steps to take and who to talk to or contact for help. By giving that power back we can support the survivors’ healing process. If you see something, step in if it’s safe to do so! Active bystanders can save lives.”

Domestic violence support
We are aware that some people may be at greater risk of domestic violence during the lockdown period and may feel unsafe. We’ve developed guidance to support you if you are a staff member subjected to domestic violence or coercion, regardless of whether you want to disclose or report. We also have information about where you can go for support on Sharepoint.

Given the increase in cases of domestic violence in line with previous lockdown restrictions, we have continued to commit to provide temporary accommodation for our students who need to leave their current housing and have nowhere else safe to stay. This accommodation will be provided with no associated costs to students and the length of stay will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. To access temporary accommodation, if students require safety from a domestically abusive lockdown household, or to discuss support options, they should complete a disclosure on this system: If a student requires an urgent response, please contact Security on 0116 252 2888 who are available 24/7.

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