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Willemijn Davidson shares some of her top tips for studying from home.

Distance learning - Willemijn Davidson My name is Willemijn Davidson. I’m currently studying for my MSc in Marketing by distance at this university, and I gained my BSc while studying as a distance student too. Below you can read my top tips which I hope will get you through this experience while keeping up with your studies.

We’re in some weird times. During these weird times, everyone must make adjustments. Some big, some small. One of the bigger changes that we have to make is to either work or study from home. Some of you might’ve never studied from home, apart from doing homework while you were still in school, and although university requires lots of self-studying, working with other students around you in a designated area like the library or your dorm is something different to the situation we’re in now. Travelling back home and having to study full time as newly distance students while missing social contacts with your peers and professors is a whole other story. Plus, your parents might be working from home too, and your siblings might have traveled back to your hometown also.

Keep up with your regular schedule…

If normally on a Monday your first class would be Economics at 9:00 o’clock and your second class of the day Accounting, then follow that schedule.

… or create one of your own (and stick to it)!

If none of your weeks are regular, then this might be a good reason to start a routine. Get up around 7 AM (at least on weekdays!), do some sort of workout or stretch and eat breakfast. Pro tip: get out of your pyjamas. Totally OK to wear comfortable clothes, just don’t wear during the day what you would wear to bed and you already feel much better. Write out a weekly schedule what you have to get done each day and write down due dates as well.

Study together, even when no one is available

Maybe you’re just not used to studying alone, and you’re used to having the noise of flipping pages and note-taking around you. Then it’s a good idea to study together. Call your classmates on Skype or Zoom and leave your laptop on to create a study group experience. If no one is available, you can look for “study with me” videos on YouTube. It’s basically the same experience, just no one will talk back.

Take breaks!

You might have heard of the Pomodoro Technique. You study for 20 minutes, then have a 5-minute break. While that might work for some people, I like to study for 45 minutes and then a short break. Set the timer on your phone for 45-60 mins and leave it in another room. Bonus: you won’t get too distracted by notifications as well!

Create a designated study area

If your parents renovated the house as soon as you left and turned your bedroom into a gym or painting room, you might have to find another space for your studies. Maybe a kitchen table or coffee table will do. Here’s the tip: make it a designated study area during the day and clean up for the evening. Then the fine line between studying and free time won’t blur as much.

Distance learning - studying form home desk











A few last words

The biggest take-out from this post is that you shouldn’t see this time as one big vacation. BUT, don’t be too hard on yourself either. Stay in touch with your classmates and friends, email your professors when you’re struggling (they’re still here for you!) and do your best. That’s all you can do right now. And of course, please wash your hands.

What tips do you have that are helping you get through this experience? Why not share your tips, as it could be of use to another student. Send, comment or share them on Leicester Student Life's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) @leicstudentlife, and remember to add the #leicsvirtuallife.

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