Students' Union elections: extended voting period

Posted by nm365 at Mar 04, 2021 05:36 PM |
Deadline changed to Friday 5 March, 5.00pm

Earlier today, the external company who host our Students’ Union web platform encountered some technical difficulties. This has meant that some students haven’t been able to access all areas of the website, including the voting area for our current elections. Because the problem is still being fixed, the Students’ Union have decided to extend the voting period, so you can now cast your votes up until Friday 5 March at 5.00pm.

The Students’ Union are still planning to announce the election results later on Friday 5 March, so rest assured you’ll know who your new representatives will be soon. Head to the website to cast your votes. If you can’t access the voting platform to start with, come back in a few hours when the issues should be resolved. If you’re still having problems, email

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