Student Union Executive Elections 2019 Candidates Announced

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The full list of candidates and their manifestos have now been made public.

The University of Leicester Student’s Union has released the full list of candidates for this year’s executive elections. A total of thirty-one students are running for one of six categories. These include: President, Education Officer, Activities Officer, Wellbeing Officer, Equality and Liberation Officer, and Sports Officer.

High on the agenda are issues concerning equality, inclusivity, LGBT+, employability, retail options and mental health. Candidates are particularly keen to bolster representation amongst the student-base to create positive awareness of these issues, as well as many more. For most nominees this is the first time they are running, however the list also includes candidates who previously served as Union Officers.

Voting takes place 19-22 February.

You can find more information, including student manifestos, online.

The full list of candidates:


Pedram Bani Asadi, Becca Hull, Dread Pirate Raff, scourge of the eight seas! Arrr, Oge Obioha, Iman Shallal , Jack Terry, Elsie White

Education Officer:

Aamina Bhutta, Shakeela Islam, Adnan Rahman, Marco Soldo

Activities Officer:

Chloe Brown, Toby Meadows, Hamza Rehman, Bilaal Takoliya, Sam Wharvell

Wellbeing Officer:

Sana Ali, Emily Jane Bennett, Jay Cavanagh, Jays Olutade, Fadwa Qadan

Equality and Liberation Officer:

Suleiman Suleiman, Ryan Hickey, Stuart Taliesin Owain Hughes, King Kong, Mohamed Fathy Gharib Kohla, Tony Magaia, Evaristus Mesue Epie, Sandra Naa Obieley Tetteh, Leonie Williams

Sports Officer:

Mia Nembhard

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