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School of Business students were treated to two assessment centre masterclasses.

Run in conjunction with the Career Development Service, the sessions gave students an insight into how assessors evaluate candidates and what skills are required during assessment centre days. Students explored the types of questions and tasks they are likely to come across as they look to secure their chosen placement opportunities.

Hannah, who attended the British Gas workshop, felt that the day’s role-play elements helped her to understand what skills are important to demonstrate in an assessment situation. She said: ‘I’ve done so many projects where they give you a random scenario and you’ve got to do it, but this was the first time I really saw what they are assessing. Being the assessor myself really helped me to understand what they are looking for.’

As well as gaining practical experience, students heard from experts working for British Gas and Qdos Accounting, who provided top tips and insights into the recruitment process. They also had the chance to learn about how the Leicester Award Gold can help them gain a competitive edge in today's jobs market.

‘It was such a nice environment to learn in and understand what they want. It made it that bit less scary for the future,’ Hannah said. Fellow student Lauo added: ‘I was able to understand what I need to improve on, for instance, my enthusiasm in interviews and speech.’

Troy Stevens from Qdos Accounting noted: 'It’s refreshing speaking with young people who have a passion for business and who are hungry for experience. Finding employment can seem daunting for a graduate, and the work that the University of Leicester is doing with local businesses opens doors for students.'

The School of Business and Career Development Service work closely to ensure that students are fully prepared for their post-graduate life. Sessions like these help strengthen their relationships with employers and provide rewarding opportunities that students can take out into real interview and work scenarios.

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