Researchfish submission is now open: 6 February 2017 – 16 March 2017

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Principal Investigators (PIs) of projects funded by any of the UK Research Councils and most major medical charities, are required to report on the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their research via the Researchfish platform.

What is Researchfish?

Researchfish, is an on-line platform that enables research funders to (in RCUK’s description) "track the impacts of their investments" and researchers to "log the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their work". Material from Researchfish relating to Research Council grants is made public via RCUK’s Gateway to Research.

Who needs to submit a return?

Every individual who is a Principal Investigator on an active grant or a grant which ended within the last five years (funded by RCUK or one of the other participating funders who are listed in the section below), is required to make an annual return to the funder via the Researchfish platform. Individuals should have already been notified of this by their funder. For a small number of grants under certain schemes a return is required for grants which ended more than 5 years ago.

Any Co-Investigators (COIs) can contribute to the submission but the responsibility rests with the PI to submit and check the data quality.

For this reporting period, Research Council-funded students, and those whose funding ended in the last twelve months, will be added into Researchfish, and will be required to make a return.

The reporting period: 6 February 2017 – 16 March 2017

The reporting period when a return is required is between 6 February – 16 March 2017. This period applies to the following funders:

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Medical Research Council
  • National Institute for Health Research
  • Natural Environment Research Council
  • Science and Technology Facilities Council
  • UK Space Agency

Information can be uploaded at any point in this period, and PIs and students are strongly advised to begin doing so well before the 16th March deadline, in order to manage the workload involved. Even if all data is entered in advance, the actual submission of the return must be done within the specified period.

If no data is available, a nil return is still required.

If you have forgotten your username, password or have lost the email invitation then please go to . If you request for another invitation to be sent to your email address you will need your funder and grant reference number.

What’s new for 2017?

There have been recent changes made to Researchfish:

  • There is a new and improved user interface: the providers of the system received detailed feedback from academics and have made improvements to the interface in attempt to make the submission easier and the system more user friendly.
  • There is an option to link your account with your ORCiD ID: this allows you to pull in details of your publications without having to manually enter them if they are linked to your ORCiD.
  • Enhanced user guides are now available: these can be found at

Why is reporting important?

It is extremely important that you submit a return as sanctions for non-compliance are now in place if no return is made. Sanctions can include the withdrawal of eligibility to make new funding applications and freezing of existing grant funds. Whilst sanctions for non-compliance will not be applied to individual students, RCUK has stated that compliance levels may inform the consideration of future institutional applications for doctoral training awards.

Researchfish help and support

Further information about Researchfish and the common question set and additional questions can be found on RCUK's Research Outcomes web pages.

Technical support for researchers is available directly from Researchfish via and policy advice is available from the funders (for the Research Councils,

Within the University of Leicester, co-ordination of information and support on Researchfish is handled by the Research Strategy and Policy Team in the Research and Enterprise Division. Please contact Steve Loddington ( with any questions or queries related to your submission. Your departmental administrator may also be able to help.

If you are unsure as to whether you are required to submit a return, please email Steve at

If you have forgotten your username, password or have lost the email invitation please go to If you request for another invitation to be sent to your email address you will need your funder and grant reference number.

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