Ramadan 2017

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Many Muslim staff and students will be observing Ramadan during May and June this year.

During Ramadan Muslims are required to fast daily from dawn until sunset for a lunar month (approximately 29-30 days). This year Muslims will be fasting for 18 hours from around 3am until 9.15pm (times are approximate).

During the fasting times Muslims cannot eat or drink anything, this includes water or any liquids. There is also an obligation to increase spiritual and religious activities through observing additional prayers and acts of charity. As well as additional prayers, the observance of the five daily prayers also remains.

Colleagues and students may be accessing the prayer room in Charles Wilson on a daily basis. Ramadan will conclude with the celebration of Eid which is likely to be between 25-27 June. We would like to wish all of our Muslim students and staff a prosperous Ramadan and a happy Eid.

Please note the following points for consideration for those with colleagues or students who are fasting:

  • The days for abstaining from food and drink will be long and the weather may be hot and humid. Staff or students undertaking a fast may be concerned with the length/heat of the fasting day and how this may impact on their role or studies.
  • Managers and tutors should discuss any concerns with their staff/students to see how best they can support them; taking particular care not to place unreasonable burden on other colleagues.
  • If a person feels unwell and dehydrated and fears this could impact their work or health and wellbeing, it is permissible to break their fast. They must decide what is best for them.
  • A number of Muslims are exempt from fasting such as the elderly, pregnant women and those will medical conditions.

The Equalities Team can advise managers/tutors about practical arrangements and how this works with existing policies.

Staff or students who have concerns should contact equalities@le.ac.uk. Students can also contact Leicester Islamic Society by emailing su-islamic@le.ac.uk and oe28@student.le.ac.uk.

The following links provide some useful information for Muslim staff and students regarding Ramadan and how best to manage fasts.

Ramadan health FAQs - Live Well - NHS Choices

Ramadhan health fact sheet- MCB

ACAS guidance of religion/belief in the workplace

Please feel free to circulate this communication across your department to ensure that both staff and students are able to access the information provided.

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