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Celebrating achievements this academic year

After a challenging year it has been amazing to see our Peer Mentors work harder than ever to deliver the best support possible to our incoming first year students. This is why it is particularly important to us to celebrate all the achievements of our Peer Mentors this year!

A lot of the positive aspects of university life are highlighted through the Peer Mentoring scheme. Incoming students might read up about university life beforehand but it still can be intimidating experiencing a new city and newfound independence, so if they find that things are becoming difficult or they don’t know where to go for support, it can be reassuring to have their Peer Mentor ready to support. Our Peer Mentors are in the perfect position to provide support; not only have they been in the same position themselves with the usual student challenges of homesickness, financial concerns and increase in academic independence- but they also receive training for their role, to ensure that the support is consistent and the guidance is accurate. It is of course also very rewarding to support someone with the same issues they had when they first started university and gives the Peer Mentor the opportunity to develop a variety of skills.

It was heart-warming and uplifting to read all of the nominations that were sent in, but in the end we had to choose a winner- before we do so, we wish to give honourable mention to a couple of hard working Mentors who were close in the running for becoming the winner. One Peer Mentor we would like to recognise as a close runner up was Alisha Oberoi, who had multiple nominations for providing a high level of support, they organised Teams meetings with Mentees and made a lot of effort to ensure Mentees were informed about events and opportunities during the pandemic. We also would also like to recognise a close runner up named Shamia Sanjania for going above and beyond in their Mentoring role, supporting the department in ensuring Peer Mentoring was fully integrated during the induction period, supporting the department in ensuring students were aware of support and even creating a go-to PDF for other Mentors. Of course we could go on forever about the benevolent contributions of our Mentors, but now we must announce our winner:

Huge congratulations to Carolyne Ditchfield for being our Peer Mentor of the Year! The nominations for Carolyne demonstrated that they had delivered high quality emails sent as part of the scheme, provided evidence that they had

organised additional opportunities for engaging with their Mentees during the scheme this year and finally that Carolyne had gone above and beyond in their efforts to support their Mentees.

Carolyne’s moving acceptance speech and all our other award winners from this year’s show can be found on the Leicester Students’ Union YouTube page and through this direct link here.

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