Paternoster lift in Attenborough

Posted by rmt22 at Dec 08, 2017 10:52 AM |
It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform the University community that we are going to have to retire the Paternoster lift in the Attenborough Tower.

As those of you within the Tower know, as one of only a few left in the country, the Paternoster has been a much-loved, and well used part of the University campus for a long time now.

We have done our best to maintain and update the lift, but unfortunately it has reached the end of its working life.

We’ve looked at a range of options and thought carefully about this, but it would be both impractical and uneconomic to attempt to fix it or replace it as spare parts for Paternosters are no longer available and need to be manufactured each time they are needed.

Our plan is to remove the Paternoster and install a new lift in its place which will be in addition to the lift already in the Attenborough and will meet the needs of all building users. However this work is unlikely to be complete until September 2018.

We will also need to undertake some maintenance work on the other lift in the tower over the Christmas and Easter vacations. We’ve tried to choose a time where there is the least likelihood of disruption, however while the work is taking place the Attenborough Tower will be closed for the vacation period, and no access will be permitted for Health and Safety reasons.

We’ve put together a project team to identify ways of reducing the impact on users of the building, and as soon as we have more information on the plans we will let you know.

We will be commemorating the Paternoster in various ways, not least in the title of our alumni newsletter, but if you want to share your thoughts or memories, we would be glad to hear them.

Please email with your thoughts.

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