Our graduates - Shem Idrees BA Ancient History and Classical Archaeology

Posted by cc576 at Jul 16, 2020 04:15 PM |
Shem - studying archaeology via Distance Learning

Watching films with his father about Odysseus and Jason and the Argonauts inspired a passion for the ancient world in young Shem. Later in life he followed his older siblings by enrolling at the University of Leicester to study for a BA in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology by Distance Learning.

Shem’s studies focused on the art of Gandhara, a region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent where Greco-Roman and Buddhist cultural influences combined to create a unique artistic style. For his dissertation he concentrated on how the visual depiction of emotion is used to convey meaning in scenes of the Buddha's Parinirvana.

After graduating, Shem plans to study for a Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology and then progress to a PhD. Studying at Leicester has revealed his love of education and he hopes to continue working in outreach, communicating his passion for the ancient past to the next generation of historians and archaeologists.

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