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“I can't think of a better way to anchor the University's history than with one of the most famous families in the land”

A lecturer who inspired your career choice. An event that’s reframed the way you look at life. A key campus worker that's made an impact on your daily life. The first time you sat next to your soon-to-be significant other in a lecture. The space in the library you called home during dissertation period. That feeling of discovering a research niche that would become your PhD specialism. A society that made you feel right at home.

These are the moments that make our University.

This year, our University celebrates its first 100 years as an institution that provided special moments for millions of staff and students. And this is just the beginning. You may have seen by now that to mark the occasion, we’re asking you to submit your nominations to Our 100. By doing that, we can create a comprehensive and inclusive portrait of the University – your individual experiences create our entire story. These will be saved in a ‘Centenary Memory Bank’ and will go with us into our next century. We want everyone to be involved, whatever your job or level of study.

The Attenboroughs

In the three weeks remaining until nominations close, we’re bringing you some inspiration from people who have already submitted their stories. And what better place to start than the Attenboroughs. Read the nomination below and watch the film, to see what makes this family so special to our University.

“My nomination is the University’s connection to the Attenborough family. During my time at the University as a long-distance Masters student in Museum Studies, I got the opportunity to go on a study school as they called it. This was effectively a week up on campus with lectures and activities, as well as the opportunity to meet the departmental staff that we had been in remote contact with for the entire course. I remember being given a tour of the campus so that we properly felt at home in Leicester as students and we stopped at the building that was once the Attenborough family's house. Now I confess, prior to this point I wasn't really aware of any connection between the University and the Attenboroughs, but I was absolutely enthralled by the intertwined history.

The email we all received asking us for nominations talked about wanting to compile a list of inspirational places, people, objects, moments, spaces and research, all reflecting the past 100 years, the present as well as the next 100 years. Well surely the Attenborough family ticks every box on that list? A group of truly remarkable people in their various fields, who've inspired millions of us, and have been involved in some of the most remarkable moments of the last century. I could write for a long time on David's career in the natural world or Richard's worldwide impact in filmmaking, but namedropping isn't the point. I think the very best virtues that the Attenborough family represent are also the wonderful core tenets of the University.

I can't think of a better way to anchor the University's history than with one of the most famous families in the land, and their legacy will continue to be a part of the University today, as well as the next 100 years. The intertwined history of the University and the Attenborough family certainly inspired me when I was a student at University and it made me proud to have attended the University of Leicester."

Become a part of the story

The word ‘University’ comes from the latin ‘Universitas’, meaning ‘a whole’. We want to find stories from every corner of University life. We want it to be a true representation of the diverse people, experiences and interests of our whole community, that make us proud to be part of the University of Leicester.

If you’d like to be involved, submit your stories now on the Our 100 webpage, and remember, the more information, anecdotes, photos or memorabilia linked to your nomination, the better – they help us tell our story.

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