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Keeping you safe on campus is more important than ever so we are launching a new app designed to do just that.

SafeZone is one of the leading Safety apps on the market and we are launching this to staff and students and give you the reassurance that you are on a safe and secure campus.

One of the major positives about our campus is that we are open to the city, but we do face the same challenge that any large dispersed campus has. We don’t want to fence ourselves off, but we need to ensure that you can work and study in safe, secure and open surroundings.

SafeZone, once downloaded, allows you to get in contact with our Security team wherever you are, on any University site.

What can it do?

The app allows you to raise a number of alerts:

  • Help – for when you need non-emergency assistance
  • First Aid Call – for when you need medical assistance
  • Emergency – if you feel threatened or need urgent assistance

The app can also be used for:

  • Mass notifications – if there’s an incident, be the first to know
  • Check-in – for lone working, share your position with security personnel for your personal safety

Security team

The app helps our security team work more efficiently, giving them a real-time view of where their colleagues are. The app allows the security team to respond to an activation with the nearest resource in the quickest time possible. When an activation is raised, it is received on a map in the security Control Room allowing security to respond to the activation.

By downloading SafeZone you can make sure that you stay safe on campus and we can continue to give you the best possible working, studying and living experience at the University of Leicester.

How can I get SafeZone?

To register SafeZone on your phone, please follow these three easy steps:

1.Download the SafeZone App from your phone store using the link below:

2.Launch the app and enter your University of Leicester email address (e.g. {student}

3.Complete your profile and accept the terms of service


  • SafeZone only shares your location when you ask for help or check-in. It does not track you at other times so your privacy is always respected.
  • The app requires certain permissions to run, including “Location Sharing” to let us know where you are if you ask for help; “Notifications” to help us get in touch with you if required; Make calls or send SMS from the app to make it easy to reach us from within SafeZone; Fitness / Motion activity settings so battery use can be optimised (by location updates being reduced if you are stationary).
  • To find out more or to see a complete list of FAQs, go to

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