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Module evaluation surveys will open this week, providing the perfect opportunity for undergraduate, postgraduate taught and distance learning students to provide anonymous feedback on the modules you have undertaken in Semester One.

Surveys will remain open on Evametrics until 5pm on Friday 13 December – please do ensure that you have submitted your feedback before this time.

Why we ask you to complete module evaluation surveys

We ask students to review their modules because the feedback:

  • Makes up an important part of the module review process
  • Allows module convenors to ensure that modules are meeting their intended objectives
  • Enables the continual improvement of modules

Module evaluation surveys do not replace the current processes for expressing any concerns you may have around your experience as a student at the University. Please do continue to highlight these to staff as you have done previously.

How you can access your surveys

You will not need to sign in to access your surveys. You can access these through:

  • Blackboard – A link will be found within all of your Semester One modules
  • A unique web link to your surveys, which will be sent to you via email when surveys go live

All responses submitted through the Evametrics survey system are completely anonymous. Please ensure that the feedback you submit remains respectful - avoid making directly personal comments about members of staff.

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