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The Students' Union announced the results of their executive and part-time officer elections at the end of last week.

The winning candidates for 2020/21 were:

  • President - Mia Nembhard
  • Education Officer - Adnan Rahman
  • Liberation Officer - Tony Magaia
  • Activities Officer - Elle Phipps
  • Wellbeing Officer - Karli Wagener
  • Sports Officer - Hannah Belcher

Adnan and Tony continue in their roles from 2019/20 with Mia moving from Sports Officer to President. Elle, Karli and Hannah are welcomed into the exec team.

Mia said: "I'm so very thankful to everyone that supported me and my campaign and can't wait to get started. During my term as president I'm hoping to focus on three different categories: students on campus, their overall safety and their life in the city. It's so important to create accessible spaces outside of campus so students feel safe in their environment. I'm also looking at developing a co-curricular culture - having Wednesdays dedicated to personal development as the current cap of 1.00pm is not suitable for anyone. Additionally, I want to continue to work with the University and campaigners such as Me Too On Campus to make processes and policies more victim focused for student survivors. What you can expect from me as your president is reliability, diversification and dependability."

Eight part-time officers were appointed, who represent specific audiences, working to ensure each group receives the support and services they require:

  • Accessibility Officer – Niamh Barnes
  • BAME Officer – Janine Sequeira
  • Distance Learning Officer – Nicolas Skinner
  • International Officer – Jay Barakhada
  • LGBT+ Officer – Nic Farmer
  • Mature and Part-Time Students Officer – Bianca Semczuk
  • Trans and Non-Binary Officer – Charlie Hugill
  • Women’s Officer – Dan Ore

All positions start from Wednesday 1 July 2020.

To read more about the candidates and their manifestos, visit the Students' Union's website.

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