Marvelous Midwifery students raise money for Baby Basics.

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Congratulating their fundraising achievements

Every year since 1992 on 5 May, the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) leads a day of global recognition and celebration (International Day of the Midwife) of the work of midwives which is observed by more than 50 nations and co-ordinated by the ICM in partnership with its member organisations.

In line with plans to develop the University of Leicester Midwifery with Leadership society and to celebrate this day, which aims this year to show appreciation for Midwives worldwide and to advocate for investment in quality of Midwife care globally, the University's student Midwives decided to fundraise money for a national volunteer-led project in Leicester, Baby Basics. We would like to congratulate their fantastic efforts in raising an amazing £383.50. We spoke to Prabhleen Mann, one of three key organisers of this fundraiser and a third year Midwifery student about the fundraiser and their passion for Midwifery as a department.

Hi Prabhleen, this is a wonderful achievement! Could you talk to us about why you decided to fundraise for Baby Basics and how you went about it?

Our midwifery cohorts including our lecturers took part in a sponsored 5k walk around Victoria Park, and we managed to raise £383.50! As students, we wanted to raise awareness for this amazing national volunteer-led project, aiming to support new mothers and families who are finding it a challenge to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.

Students from all three midwifery cohorts were involved with the support of the midwifery academic team. The three key organisers were from third year were Jane Maposa, Maeva Kamtcheu and myself.

What a fantastic way to show your zeal for midwifery. So, tell me, what does midwifery mean to you all?

To support. To care. To empower. To be with women. Midwifery looks different everywhere you go but, the anchor of every midwife’s practice is putting the women at the heart of everything.  As a midwife, you have the privilege to support and empower women throughout the whole of the childbirth. As student midwives at the University of Leicester, we are aspiring to become confident and proficient registered midwives and future leaders of the profession, with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in all aspects of our role. This fundraising event is just one small part of showing we are able to be Citizens of Change.

We asked some of the other students involved in the fundraiser, as well as Professor Jayne Marshall, Interim Head of School of Allied Health Professions and Lead Midwife for Education, to touch briefly on their experience in supporting Midwifery locally and how their efforts will help.

Prabhleen Mann - “The money we all helped raise from our 5k sponsored walk went towards buying essential supplies for newborn babies, whose mothers are struggling and going through a difficult time in their life. As an aspiring midwife, this was the perfect opportunity to show that we are with women.”

Jane Maposa - “I have never felt prouder than I did during that 5k walk, student midwives coming together to raise awareness for such a phenomenal cause whilst celebrating midwifery, life doesn’t get better than that.”

Michelle Sutton - “Baby Basics is a fantastic charity that supports mothers who are struggling financially to support their baby with the essentials. Fundraising with the other student midwives from university not only has helped these women from the local community but also helped build the spirit of our cohorts, in a year that has been difficult for everyone.

Katie Adams - “I am so happy that we were able to raise money and awareness for Baby Basics as they do a phenomenal job, in ensuring women have financial access and practical help when they need it the most.”

Maeva Kamtcheu - This year we celebrated International Day of the Midwife 2021 by organising a 5k walk to fundraise for Baby Basics. We chose this volunteer-led project because we support the amazing work they do, by providing families with much needed essentials who are unable to provide these items for themselves. As student midwives we are well aware of the challenges that present with caring for a baby, and we believe that every baby deserves a good start in life, which was why we teamed up with Baby Basics.”

Professor Jayne Marshall - “This is just one example of students from our trailblazing Midwifery with Leadership programme being true Citizens of Change. I am exceptionally proud of them all in organising this fundraising event and increasing awareness of the Baby Basics charity. The students’ organisational efforts have been the more commendable at a time of the COVID-19 pandemic. A sponsored walk in Victoria Park was a great opportunity for students and staff to meet and enjoy socially–distanced interaction and with some purpose: to improve physical and mental wellbeing while ultimately serving the needs of local childbearing women, their babies and families.”

It’s very inspiring to hear from students who love their work. Thank you for your time. Would you like to say any final words?

We want to thank everyone who took part in our walk and made a donation. The money we raised as a team, will no doubt bring hope and happiness to women across Leicestershire.”

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