Today is your last chance to register to vote!

Posted by rmt22 at Apr 19, 2017 09:40 AM |
The Government have called a general election for the 8 June this year, and if you want to have your voice heard, you need to be registered to vote.

The general election will shape the direction of the United Kingdom from the next five years, and with Brexit negotiations and leaving the European Union taking place over the next two, it’s more important than ever that young people have the chance to get their voice heard.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered to vote. A huge number of students registered to vote in advance of the EU Referendum, but many didn’t choose to use that vote.

Please ensure that you visit the Government's voter registration site and check you are registered, You will need your National Insurance number and your passport, then don’t forget to have your say in June.

On the day you can vote at your local polling station or, if you’re likely to be away at the time, you can apply for a postal vote. More information about how you can get involved is available via our Students' Union and the NUS #GenerationVote campaign.

You must be registered to vote by Monday 22 May in order to cast a vote in the 2017 General Election on Thursday 8 June.

Use your vote and make sure that you don’t lose your voice!

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