Here For U: Rewarding you for your loyalty

Posted by rmt22 at May 08, 2018 02:18 PM |
You can now earn 5% back in loyalty for every £1 you spend using your UPAY account in any Here for U outlet.

Whether you scan with the UPAY app or use your university ID card for contactless payment, you can now earn five times more than before.

We like to reward our customers, so the increase is a way of saying thank you for staying loyal and making purchases with us and any profits made are reinvested to our shareholders - The University of Leicester and the Students Union, to enhance the student experience.

How does it work?

Continue to make contactless purchases from any Here for U food or retail outlet using the UPAY app or your university ID card and the loyalty value will automatically increase by 5% each time, making it easier and quicker to collect and redeem your loyalty points against future purchases.

For example, 250 loyalty points are now worth £12.50, which can be redeemed in any of our outlets. To redeem your loyalty points, just let a member of staff know at the till at the time of purchase.

The offer excludes alcohol purchases.

Here For U wants to hear from you!

Your feedback is important to us to enhance your customer experience. Click here to take the survey.

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