Have you got The Power?

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It's the second year of Read at Leicester, the University-wide readathon, and the Library has given out thousands of free copies of The Power, a gripping dystopian thriller by Atwood-acolyte Naomi Alderman, to students in halls.

As you may have already seen, partially in thanks to the striking black and red book cover popping up all over campus, this year’s novel is The Power by Naomi Alderman. The premise of this dystopian fiction is a world where all women develop the ability to generate electricity and literally shock others. The Power uncovers the economic, social and political implications of a sudden energisation of half the population. Exploring themes such as gender, sexuality, capitalism and populism, The Power is an entertaining and enlightening read to start the year with.

We believe that reading for leisure is an essential part of a student’s personal development and wellbeing. Read at Leicester aims to facilitate this not only by providing you with gripping, accessible and intelligent literature, but also by running a variety of events and projects throughout the year in order to sustain engagement and create a cross-campus community, thereby encouraging wider reading.

We're partnering up with student societies to put together exciting events throughout the year, all of our events will be advertised on the David Wilson Library Facebook page.

We’ll be running the first of our End of the World Film Nights in collaboration with the Leicester Film Society on Monday 9 October, featuring screenings of dystopian films and discussions about the genre in both film and literature. The University's Feminist Society is running a book club for their members, using The Power as a starting point. The Creative Writing Society is helping us run creative writing workshops to teach students how to write dystopian fiction. We also have our Joe Orton Walking Tour taking place on 19 October, so students can learn more about Leicester’s most famous and controversial literary legend on the anniversary of his death. There’s also Literary Lunches, a number of book clubs, volunteering projects and upcoming collaborations with many more student societies in the coming weeks and months.

  • You can discover more about The Power and the Read at Leicester project at www.le.ac.uk/read
  • If you would like further information, or would like to know how you can get a copy to read, please send us an email.

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