Good luck in your exams

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Good luck in your exams! As well as Happy New Year, we wish you all the best for your upcoming exams. You've worked hard over the holiday and we believe you can achieve your goals.

Destress activities

The Students' Union is running destress activities between Monday 6 and Friday 17 January, including aromatherapy, yoga, origami, calligraphy, craft sessions, board games, meditation and cake decorating.

You can keep up-to-date with events and activities on campus throughout the year on our student events page.

Exam tips

1. Take the pressure off yourself - whatever the outcome of your exams, you can still be successful and achieve your goals, even if it takes you on a different path.

2. Celebrate your achievements - review how much you've achieved each study session - it's probably a lot more than you think.

3. Look after yourself - have breaks, eat well, keep hydrated and exercise. This will help you to stay focused and health.

4. Read the question carefully and answer what is set.

5. Check your exam room in advance. They are not always on main campus (see below).

6. Plan fun things during your revision period and after your exams. Make sure you have something to look forward to.

Guide to exams

You can view a guide of what to expect during your exams on our website as well as the exam regulations. The exam period is Monday 6 January to Saturday 11 January 2020.

Viewing your exam timetable

Your personalised exam timetable is on:

  • Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device
  • MyCalendar in the MyUoL app on your mobile device (read-only version)
  • Microsoft Outlook on your personal PC/Mac, or a University PC
  • If you are in the Medical School, the School of Medicine advises you of your medical exam commitments.
  • If you are a distance learning student, your dedicated distance learning hub administration team will provide full details. Dates are independent of the main campus based exams.

You can find a list of all the exams taking place on the main examination timetable.

If you can't see your timetable on the MyUoL app, see our guide for how to fix it.

Finding your exam location

Avoid panic and rushing around before your exam by checking your exam room in advance. Find a list of all exam rooms, including a map, on our website.

Big Shed Conferencing (93 Commercial Square, LE2 7SR) and Fraser Noble Hall (2 University Road, LE1 7RA) are not on main campus and you will need to allow yourself extra time to get there.

Get support

There is a variety of support available to you during your time at Leicester. Visit or get in touch with the Student Services Centre in the Charles Wilson Building.

Mitigating circumstances

If a recognisably serious or significant event beyond your control has affected your health or personal life and as a result you are, or have been, unable to attend an exam on time you need to let us know, by submitting a mitigating circumstances request within seven calendar days. If you leave an exam on medical grounds you must obtain a medical certificate immediately after leaving the exam room.

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