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Join in on student led online forums.

Any reading fanatics? From time zone to time zone and year group to year group, our students, like many, are searching for ways to connect with one another in a time where connection couldn’t be more necessary to our wellbeing.

To navigate this dilemma, a group of student volunteers, also known as Library Champions, have worked on a project this term, developing online book discussion forums for students to get together to connect with one another.

We spoke to Heena Karavadra, Academic Librarian, on the benefits of these forums and how to utilise them.

“The discussion boards have been set up by Library Champions to create an online student community, in light of the fact that for much of this academic year many students have felt isolated from each other. These will help students connect by sharing their favourite reads and recommending titles that have inspired them.”

The forums can be found on the ’University Library’ Blackboard site, which students can search and self-enrol onto, and will be monitored by the Champions, allowing the project to remain student led. The below five discussion forums are currently live:

1. Introduce yourself with a book

2. How did you get into reading and what drew you to the genre(s) you enjoy?

3. What is the last book you have read that has challenged your idea of the struggles experienced by individuals that do not share the same characteristics as you?

4. What story element of mystery/thriller books did you initially think was one way but turned out to be something else? How did it make you think that?

5. What is your favourite dystopian novel?

Heena continued: “The volunteers have worked really hard setting these up, and so it would be fantastic for them to see the forums be used by their peers.”

If you would like to access these forums, they will be live for the rest of this March. We hope these forums will allow for positive, thought provoking conversations around books special to you in this challenging time.

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