E-Cigarettes and Vaping, please be aware

Posted by rmt22 at Dec 14, 2017 09:44 AM |
We have had some recent issues with vaping and wanted to reiterate our non-smoking policy.

Electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking.  While there is much to commend them and research continues to show they are much less harmful than tobacco, there are issues that all who use them must be aware of.

There have been several incidents recently where the use of e-cigarettes within a building has set off the fire alarm.  E-cigarettes MUST NOT be used inside university buildings as defined within the University’s Smoke Free policy which does cover the use of electronic cigarettes.

The evacuation of a building is a highly disruptive event and this is best illustrated by the evacuation of the Attenborough Tower on the 3 November where the building was not only evacuated but a large number of Fire Service personnel and equipment was deployed.

In this case, the fire alarm was activated and on sweeping the building, a Fire Warden opened a door to reveal what appeared to be significant amounts of smoke.  When the panel was checked, this was the room where fire detection had been triggered and so the Fire Service responded.  Given the terrible events at Grenfell Tower, they attended in force with five fire engines and a large crew. When they investigated, there was no sign of fire but a sweet smell remained, consistent with their experience of vaping.

It is clearly not desirable for the Fire Service to be called unnecessarily and none of us wish to be the cause of a delay in response to a real incident.  Please vape responsibly, outside and away from buildings.

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