Consent Awareness and Bystander Awareness training for students

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New upcoming sessions available to all students from Monday 4 October - Friday 15 October 2021

The Standing Together Team within Student Support Services are delighted to announce two upcoming sessions that have been added to all Undergraduate Students’ timetables for the new academic year.

Over teaching weeks one and two, students will have a “Consent Awareness” and “Bystander Awareness” session scheduled, in order to support the University’s commitment for all members to be Citizens of Change.

These sessions are a small part of the work Standing Together and the University are doing to create more awareness around unacceptable behaviours and how they can affect students and the communities they are in, whether on or off campus.

Consent Awareness – This session will ensure students understand the importance of consent and acknowledge that it does not just apply to sexual acts but situations in everyday life. The session will be a 15 minute video delivered through Blackboard. Students will see this in their timetables during term 1, in week 1 of teaching week commencing 4th October.

  • The session will provide an awareness of the importance of understanding consent in sexual acts and everyday situations
  • The session will provide context around the issue of sexual violence, and give specific examples to understand and respond to cues around consent
  • The session will set out the University’s stance on sexual violence – highlight the work we are doing to tackle it, and make reference to the support we provide for those affected
  • Bystander Awareness - This session will highlight the importance of collectively challenging and intervening in unacceptable behaviours, and support students in becoming, or continuing to be, an active bystander. The session will be delivered on Prezi, an online presentation platform. Students will see this in their timetables during term 1, in week 2 of teaching week commencing 11th October.
  • The session will introduce the types of unacceptable behaviours that can be prevalent around campus and in our communities. More information about unacceptable behaviours can be found here:
  • The session will cover the four stages of being an active bystander – notice, interpret, taking responsibility, and intervention (taking action)
  • The session will also discuss ways to prevent unacceptable behaviours from taking place in the future.
  • There is also the possibility of running in-person scenario-based sessions, more specific to your area of study/research, after the online sessions have been completed

On the training, Kyle WatsonWellbeing Case Worker and part of the Standing Together team, said: “Making students more aware of what consent is and what it takes to become an active bystander will go a step forward in ensuring students at the University of Leicester are part of a community whereby people are not subjected to unacceptable behaviours”

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The sessions have been designed and delivered by the Standing Together Team. Standing Together is a University-wide initiative aimed at tacking unacceptable behaviours and supporting students who have been directly and indirectly affected by them.

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