Computer science trio create coronavirus tracking website

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Students and staff work together to highlight local COVID-19 data
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Concerned that government and World Health Organisation data did not specify where within a city coronavirus cases were located, and wanting to build upon local community spirit, student computer scientists Biraj Adhikary, Ridhay Vanza, and Shreya Subramaniam, used their skills to tackle this problem.

Under the supervision of Dr Karim Mualla, Lecturer and Senior Tutor of Computer Science, the University of Leicester third year students, created a tracking website, allowing people to see where coronavirus cases are within a locality as well as highlighting self-isolating or vulnerable individuals.

Biraj commented: “For us, it was a matter of contributing and helping society more than anything. Being socially distanced and indoors for weeks, we felt we needed to take part and try the best we can to help each other while being in full-time education and work.

“Creating a status tracking website allowed us to get an update on everyone’s health within our streets without leaving our home.

In just 48 hours the site had 120 people register their status across the country.

Biraj added: “Our call for action would be to share it among your friends and family and to help us to grow further to be able to provide greater data to help us all. The aim is to unite our community and to defeat the virus.

The website is purely for social purposes, and it doesn’t record any public, or user-sensitive data.

Dr Karim Mualla is now working closely with the students to upgrade the current solution, to create new intuitive, novel, and user-friendly features to assist and provide helpful information to the surrounding communities, and reach a bigger audience moving forward.

Professor Lu Liu, Head of School of Informatics, said: “I am very proud that our students have extended their projects and developed the website to track local COVID-19 cases and help spot those who need help. Our students have demonstrated great social responsibility and made a good contribution to our communities.”

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