Coming out of lockdown

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Tips if you are feeling anxious

With increased social opportunities and with the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, you may feel the anxiety and pressures of socialising again after being isolated for so long. Togetherall, a confidential, online mental health support community, run by trained professionals, and available 24/7, has provided a few key points to consider for yourself or maybe others who may be worried.

The roadmap out of lockdown

  • Don’t feel pressured to socialise straight away
    Everyone has their own timeframe that they’ll be ready to see people. Take your time and socialise when you feel ready to.
  • You don’t have to say “yes” to everyone
    Learn how to say “no”, to protect yourself from possible burnout
  • If possible, ease your way out of remote learning or working
    This could include asking a friend to meet up to study together, heading to a café with outdoor seating to learn – these things may help to ease you into non-remote working
  • It’s okay to feel worried or anxious
    Integrating back into society can induce feelings of worry and anxiety. These feelings are normal; you are not alone
  • If you are struggling, speak to a loved one or join a community like Togetherall to get support
    Reach out to those around you for support or access Togetherall for resources, courses and a community open to helping you with your mental health.

For more support with your wellbeing, visit our website to access our Mental Health Hub, or get involved with activities to keep you busy.

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