Choose kindness and respect this Anti-Bullying Week

Posted by cc576 at Nov 17, 2020 05:35 PM |
Until Friday 20 November

Anti-Bullying Week, which runs from until Friday 20 November, is a great time for us all to reflect on how we treat others and how we expect to be treated in return.

Choosing kindness and respect doesn’t cost anything and can help the people we interact with feel happy and confident. Now more than ever when many of us are working virtually, it’s important to think about our behaviours and the possible impact on others. Every interaction counts.

Dignity and Respect at Leicester is the University’s framework that outlines the standards of interpersonal behaviour all members of the University’s community should uphold, and the process for disclosing, reporting and addressing unacceptable behaviours, together with available support.

Every member of the University community should:

  • Behave with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Contribute to ensuring that the University is welcoming and safe
  • Ensure that their behaviour is not offensive, and is free from harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination.

If you have been subjected to treatment that falls short of these expectations we want to know.

The framework applies to all students, staff, visitors and contractors - whether on campus, online or in the wider community - and clearly explains unacceptable behaviours, including racial and sexual harassment, with examples.

If you are a student who has experienced unacceptable behaviours please contact the University’s Standing Together team.

The University is firmly committed to sustaining an inclusive learning, working and research environment characterised by respect and dignity, and free from harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination.

As Citizens of Change within a diverse community, we should all contribute to ensuring our University community is safe, welcoming and respectful for all.

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