Calling all international students

Posted by rmt22 at Mar 17, 2017 02:57 PM |
Would you like to spend a day or weekend with a British family to learn more about UK culture?

Spring has arrived in the UK, with longer days and better weather! This is a great time to apply for a HOST visit and spend a weekend in a British home.

We encourage all international students to make use of HOST. HOST can arrange for you to spend a weekend (or just a day) with an approved host family. We'll pay your application fee for you, and your hosts will generously welcome you free of charge, for the pleasure of meeting you and showing you their local area. All you have to pay is your travel to the place where your host lives.

When you apply, HOST will ask for a little information about you, so you can be matched with the right host. During the visit, your meals will be provided, and you will have lots of time chatting with your hosts, cooking and eating together, joining in community activities or meeting your host's family and friends, and seeing another part of the country. This is great for practising your English conversation skills, and you will learn a lot about the British way of life. Your hosts will also be interested to hear about you and your country.

Linda Walubengo, who took part in the HOST programme said: "I think everyone should try Host visit if they have a chance, I mean, you get to meet such great people, appreciate a different culture and have a priceless weekend."

See for information and recommendations from some of the thousands of students who have benefited from this great scheme.

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