Brookfield welcomes bees

Posted by ac652 at Jun 14, 2016 10:31 AM |
Hungry For Change project installs two beehives at Brookfield site.

An offshoot group of the Hungry for Change project has installed two beehives at Brookfield, providing our staff and students the opportunity to learn about beekeeping.   

Launched in 2013, the Hungry for Change project aims to change the way students think about what they're eating and why, empowering students to make their own informed food choices. The project has enabled the students to buy hives and necessary equipment to start beekeeping.

The initiative started in November 2015 with a small group of staff and students interested in learning more about beekeeping. Supported by Sue and Andy Hardy, who both work full-time at the University and have a good knowledge of beekeeping, the group of more than 20 staff and students attended monthly sessions to find out more about bee anatomy, behaviour and pollination before they arrived this weekend.

Eleven staff and students were on hand to help the bees settle into their new hives and the group will continue to monitor them and visit weekly under the supervision of Sue and Andy.


We are only able to have up to 8 people at the hives at one go, but if you are interested in joining the beekeeping group or Hungry for Change, the gardening group, then please email

They currently garden every Wednesday at the Brookfield Postgraduate Training Centre between 12-4pm. Staff and students are all welcome to join.

Find out more about the project

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