Blooming marvellous: society donates leftover plants to local care home

Posted by nm365 at Mar 30, 2020 01:50 PM |
Student society makes kind-hearted gesture

The University of Leicester Oxfam Society demonstrated their compassion after coronavirus disrupted their fundraising activities.

Millie Henson, Rebekah Trayhorn, Kalina Mendy, Sam Forrest, and society members, ran a plant sale to raise awareness of sustainable solutions to fight climate change. With some leftover, they had planned to do a second event, however, due to coronavirus restrictions were unable to do so.

Millie Henson, President, said: “I was left with about thirty flowers that I couldn’t keep alive alone. Then we thought people who were self-isolating may need cheering up. Flowers can really brighten up a house if you’re spending most of your time there. We’ve seen so many inspiring stories of people offering to get food for sick neighbours.

“The community spirit shown is the best silver lining we could ask for in these trying times.”

Caroline Hare, Activity Facilitator at Abbey House care home, responded to the society’s Facebook appeal.

Millie continued: “I was so excited when Caroline got in touch with us, because I wanted the plants to go to a good home. And this is a very scary time, especially for the elderly. Caroline said she’d send a picture of the flowers when they are planted and I can’t wait for that.”

Caroline commented: “At Abbey House, we are planning a memorial garden, so the plants will be a great addition to this project.

“Using the outdoors and making the garden more attractive will help with the residents’ mental health and wellbeing.”

Have you done an act of kindness in your community, like Millie, Rebekah, Kalina and Sam? Let us know @leicstudentlife (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) or at to feature in the future.

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