Become a considerate smoker at the University of Leicester

Posted by cc576 at Aug 25, 2021 10:53 AM |
Last year, we told you our plans for a smoke-free campus. This year, we're installing shelters to bring it to life.

Whether you are taking a shortcut through campus or are on main campus to attend a lecture, seminar or just to meet with friends, we want campus to feel comfortable and safe for those who interact with it. Previously, the university were discussing measures to make campus ‘smoke free’, which would see main campus adopting designated areas where students, staff and visitors to the University can smoke or vape. We are now happy to announce that this project will be launched in September, in line with the beginning of the 2021/22 start of term.

This initiative originated after results from a survey of students and staff at the University highlighted a need for designated areas around campus that allow those who wish to smoke, to do so, without it affecting those who do not wish to engage with it. It provides students and staff with the opportunity to be considerate and respectful to one another’s choices.

Karli Wagner, the Wellbeing Officer at the Students’ Union and Nicola Junkin, Staff Health and Wellbeing and Recruitment Strategic Lead highlights the benefit this will have for students and staff. Karli commented: When I first came to the University, I took part in the survey which was organised by Oge Obioha, the Wellbeing Officer at the time. This is her legacy and I feel honoured to have worked on making it become reality over the past year. I think these shelters are now more relevant than ever. They are here to protect our university community, without taking the choice of smoking away from students and staff.”

Nicola added: “following a survey of our university community having dedicated safe areas for those who choose to smoke and vape to go will alleviate the issue of passive smoke and make our environment more pleasant for all”.

Once the dedicated shelters have been installed, you will need to use these spaces if you wish to smoke or vape on campus.

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