Aural Diversity conference and concert

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Find out more about a unique event which is open to all and aims to include those who hear differently.

Everybody hears differently! From our early 20s onwards, our hearing deteriorates (presbycusis). Millions of people have hearing conditions, ranging from profound deafness to increased sound sensitivity (hyperacusis) and many others in between. Even having a cold can change the way we hear.

Yet the world of music and sound design is built on an assumption that everybody hears the same. A perfectly balanced pair of normally hearing ears is the standard in everything from headphones to concerts, from environmental planning to interior design. The Aural Diversity project explores sound and music that addresses the full range of human hearing types.

The project is holding two special events, a conference and public concert. The conference will be held over the 30 November and 1 December at the George Davies Centre and costs £25 (£10 concessions). You can book your place here

The Aural Diversity Concert on the evening of 30 November at the Attenborough Arts Centre is a unique event. Original performances have been created by aurally diverse musicians and are being performed in an environment that caters for the fact that everyone hears differently

The concert includes various ways of listening, including visual, audio streaming, signing, and even a vibrating floor. Performance follows a set of conventions including 'relaxed' sound and lighting, 'flapplause', and options to listen in break out spaces and even outdoors.

The cost is £10 (£8 concessions) and you can book your place here.

Find out more about the Aural Diversity project here.

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