President and Vice-Chancellor welcomes incoming students

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Matriculation formally recognises start of students' journeys at Leicester.

New undergraduate students were officially welcomed to the University of Leicester through matriculation - the official welcome ceremony - on Monday 28 September.

Previously taking place in De Montfort Hall, this year the four ceremonies - one for each college - were livestreamed from campus.

Over 1,700 viewers watched live with the streams now being viewed over 3,600 times.

Nishan Canangarajah's, President and Vice-Chancellor, message to new students included: "On behalf of the University of Leicester, I would like to congratulate every one of you for finally ‘making it’ and joining our great community here at Leicester. What a journey you have all had – it has been a journey that no other students have undertaken before – you are very special.

So, as you start university life, it may seem extra daunting this year – being away from home, meeting new people and being in a new place. However, with the world changing so much in the last six months, you have already demonstrated your resilience, your strength of character and your adaptability. These qualities will stand you in good stead now and in the years to come. And, we can assure you that before you know it Leicester will feel like home.

What is important to remember as you embark on your university life today is this: University is about much more than just exams and assessments. It’s all about discovery; what you will learn about yourself over the next few years will be just as important as the subject you are studying."

The host for the matriculation ceremonies was Dan Flatt, a Leicester graduate and former Students' Union President, who now works in the Future Students Office. ignite - our on campus offer that combines online and campus learning - was also introduced - alongside welcomes from each Head of College.

If you missed it, watch your matriculation ceremony (transcripts available), online.

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