Channel 4 series on Student Life to be filmed on campus

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The University has agreed to work with Channel 4 to produce a series about student life on campus

A documentary crew will be on campus to film a documentary about first-year undergraduate students starting university in the 2013/14 academic year.

‘Students’ (working title) will follow a group of first year students with a diverse range of aspirations, backgrounds and academic interests over their first two terms at Leicester.  The series will cover all aspects of contemporary student life, and filming will take place across the main campus and student halls, commencing this September.  The documentary team, from a production company called RAW,  will be visiting the campus throughout August and September to introduce themselves to staff and answer any questions you might have.

Tim Wardle, Head of Development for RAW, said: “There is no obligation to take part in the documentary, but the filmmakers are keen to include contributions from staff who work closely with students and make Leicester the welcoming, colourful and inspiring University we all know and love.”

The production team will liaise with appropriate staff members in order to identify a selection of students who may wish to participate in the production and agree arrangements for filming at the University.  The practical day-to-day arrangements will be handled by Ather Mirza  and Jon Shears who will  liaise with colleagues in departments as and when plans are developed.

Any enquiries about the programme should be directed to

The series summary note from the production company is as follows:

‘Students’ – working title

4-6 part documentary series for Channel 4

Raw have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a major new 4-6 part observational documentary series exploring contemporary student life. The aim of the series is to provide a unique insight into young people on the cusp of adulthood and at the beginning of what some people say are the best three years of your life, partly authored by the young people themselves.

We would like to work closely with a leading British university to select a diverse group of first year students from different backgrounds, with different aspirations, studying a range of subjects.  As part of the project, the students involved will receive industry training and guidance in filming, sound recording and editing and work with our experienced production team to partly document their own lives.  Adjusting to leaving home for the first time, discovering independence, studying and revising are some of the things we’ll explore through their eyes.

Filming would primarily take place on university premises – e.g. in student halls, the cafeteria, student union and outside spaces.  Any filming disruption will be kept to a minimum – we will work in very small documentary crews consisting of 2 or 3 people with minimal lightweight equipment (no lights or cranes!).  To simplify the consent/compliance process, we looking to work with the selected university to ensure that all of the key students we film are selected before the start of term, and placed into the same halls of residence.

More about Raw: Raw is a multi-award-winning television and film production company that makes programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, and major international broadcasters.  In 2013 we won BAFTAs for cinema-released film ‘The Imposter’ and Channel 4 documentary ‘The Plot to Bring Down Britain’s Planes’, the latter made in collaboration with MI5 and Scotland Yard. We fully to adhere to OFCOM’s strict broadcasting regulations safeguarding young people who appear on television and have over 10 years’ experience making programmes with young people – including Channel 4’s Emmy-award-winning ‘Battlefront’ series, following inspirational young British campaigners. For more on Raw, please see

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