50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality

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Today the University is marking 50 years since homosexuality was legalised in England and Wales for men over 21 years old

The rainbow flag flying from the Fielding Johnson Building.

On this day in 1967, the Sexual Offences Act received royal assent.  The act decriminalised homosexual acts between consenting men in private and was an important milestone in the continuing journey towards LGBTQ equality. The 1967 act did not herald an immediate equalisation of the status of same-sex relationships, the age of consent was not reduced to 16 (as is the case in heterosexual relationships) until the 2000 Sexual Offences Act, but it was a small step in recognising the rights of gay men.

The LGBTQ community still has a way to go in achieving equality. Just yesterday, Donald Trump curtailed the rights of transgender personnel to serve in the US Army which demonstrates how swiftly improvements to the treatment and recognition of marginalised groups can be reversed.

Our University has a long tradition of inclusivity. Notably, the first motion to include transgender people in the NUS's LGB campaigning was passed at a conference hosted by our Students' Union, paving the way for the T in LGBTQ. The work of DICE and our internationally recognised Centre for Hate Studies, which leads the way in researching the causes of, and solutions to, prejudice are just two prominent examples of the ways in which we have consistently promoted discussion and understanding of LGBTQ issues.

Reflecting the diversity of life is central all the work which we do at the University of Leicester and it is in this spirit of inclusion, understanding and fairness that we are proud to fly the Rainbow Flag today.


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