“I’ve made great memories and met friends for life.”: Graduating from Leicester in 2021

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Saying goodbye to the University of Leicester: An interview with Alex.

Meet Alex. With big dreams and goals of conquering the field of geology, she has recently completed her degree at Leicester, earning a first in her dissertation. During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with social distancing and isolating, has impacted everyday activities for many students, including Alex. We were able to have a chat via email, as she is currently in Iceland for her Greenland expedition. She talked us through her successes at Leicester, her future plans after leaving and some tips she found useful during her academic journey for incoming students in September.

Hi Alex, it's lovely to e-meet you! I hope all is well? Please, introduce yourself.

Hi! I’m Alex a BSc Geology Student and I’ve just finished my final year of my degree here at Leicester.

You've now finished uni and have handed in your dissertation, congrats! Tell us about that.

“I actually quite enjoyed completing my dissertation! Mine focused on the lithium used by lithium-ion batteries in green technologies such as electric cars and renewable energy. Handing in a big piece of work is always a relief! Finishing uni felt bittersweet as I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Leicester, although now I’m looking forward to starting my career as a geologist!”

I hear that you were awarded the Most Impactful Student Rep Award 2021. What was it like to find out you were nominated, then going on to win?

“It was such a lovely surprise to find I’d been nominated, let alone won! This year has been particularly difficult with the transition to online learning but working with the department and my course mates we were able to make such positive changes to make the learning more effective for everyone! It was so nice to have been nominated by the department and I never expected it!”

What plans, if any, do you have now that you've completed your university undergraduate journey?

“I’m really interested in mineral exploration and using those metals/minerals for our advancing and greener technologies. This summer, I will be working as a mineral exploration field geologist as part of a team out in Greenland, looking for metal-bearing magmatic sulphide deposits (particularly Nickel and Copper). I’m so excited to start my career whilst visiting somewhere so geologically interesting and scenic.”

As I imagine for many students starting in September, feelings of anxiety could be prominent. Do you have any tips that helped you that you'd like to share?

“Push your comfort zones a little! Introduce yourself to new people or join a society you think is interesting. You never know where things can lead to! Your first year is mostly about getting used to being more independent and grasping the key components of your course but remember to enjoy yourself too as university is such a fun and exciting time.”

Alex offered some final thoughts at the end of the interview stating: “I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Leicester and am sad to leave it behind, but I’ve also made some great memories and met friends for life. Uni does require some hard work, but if you’re studying something you’re passionate about, it’s all worthwhile. Wherever you study, make the most of your time and seize opportunities to meet new people and have enjoyable experiences. Good luck with your studies and hopefully you will enjoy Leicester as much as I did!”

We offer our congrats to Alex and all other students who have completed their studies at Leicester. We look forward to seeing your future achievements.

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