‘Renewal’ statue to find new home outside Centre for Medicine

Posted by crm28 at Feb 08, 2017 03:25 PM |
‘Renewal’ which has been situated at the Highcross Centre for the last two years is to be relocated.

Next week, work will begin on a three week project to relocate the ‘Renewal’ sculpture from the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester City Centre to the front of the University’s brand new Centre for Medicine site. Renewal was designed by acclaimed sculptor and environmental artist Diane Maclean, who also designed the ‘Stranded Heart’ sculpture for the University’s world-leading Cardiovascular Research Centre at Glenfield Hospital.

At the centre of Maclean’s stainless steel sculpture is a brightly coloured snake. Snakes are traditionally associated with medicine due to Ancient Greek beliefs about the shedding of their skin representing rebirth and the medicinal properties of venom; notably Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine, is usually depicted holding a staff entwined with snakes. “I was delighted and challenged when asked to design a sculpture for fundraising for the University’s new Centre for Medicine” said Diane Maclean. “‘Renewal' is a rethinking in a contemporary sculpture of the renowned symbol for medicine and healthcare, familiar throughout the world. Here it is enclosed within an egg, a symbol itself of new life”.

The sculpture was placed in the Highcross Centre to promote the Centre for Medicine Appeal which is the most successful fundraising campaign in the University’s history. The £42 million centre represents a transformation in medical teaching and has created a world-class facility at the heart of Leicester.

You can find more information about the Centre for Medicine Appeal here.

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