December 2016 Appointment of project manager

January 2017 Appointment of Academic Lead

February 2017 Sign off of Workload Balance Aims and Principles

February 2017 Sign off of Workload Model Tariffs and Academic Roles

February 2017 Deadline for Stage 1 completion

March 2017 Pilot launch event

April–May 2017 Data collection and entry for Pilot workload reports

April 2017 Business requirements workshops for academic workload solution software

May 2017 Invitation to tender for academic workload software solution

July 2017 Pilot period ends

July 2017 Deadline for Stage 2 completion

December 2017 Sign off institutional academic workload model

February 2018 Launch activity for workload model

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If you have any questions about the project, or the information contained within these pages, please contact the Workload Balance Project Team at workloadbalance@le.ac.uk who will be happy to help you.