Five departments of different sizes, with different ranges of activities and staff on differing contract types, are involved in the pilot:

  • Ancient History and Archaeology
  • School of Business
  • Medical Education
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Physics and Astronomy

The purpose of the pilot stage, which was officially launched on 2 March 2017, is to road test the academic workload model and tariffs. During the pilot stage the 2016/17 workloads of staff in each of the departments will be applied against the model. This will help identify where the model works best, and where tweaks can be made.

This requires a considerable amount of data collection and inputting effort, and it is anticipated that workload data reports for departments will be available in May 2017.

The pilot departments are also responsible for giving feedback to the project on the individual principles and tariffs.

The pilot is due to conclude in July 2017, after which the project will make necessary changes in the model to reflect feedback within the pilot stage. All academic departments are welcome to feedback during the pilot on the Aims and Principles paper.

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If you have any questions about the project, or the information contained within these pages, please contact the Workload Balance Project Team at workloadbalance@le.ac.uk who will be happy to help you.