PLEASE READ - Welcome to the Plone Training Area

This area is used for the Plone training sessions. If you have taken or are about to take the Plone Introduction course you will need to log in (Click Web Editor Log in top right corner) and then find your Sandbox folder under the course date.

So, why have we called them 'Sandbox' folders?

In training terminology, a sandbox is a developmental workspace - a ring-fenced area where you can practice, experiment and play with software (and ideas!) without affecting established and published sites.

How do these Sandbox folders work anyway?

All Sandbox members have viewing permission for the site as a whole.  You can admire other's sandcastles, but you can't add (or stomp!) on them unless you have been granted the correct permissions by the folder owner.

Of course, you have the full range of permissions on your own folders and can add in new folders, pages, wikis, images, etc.

Sandbox members will find their personal folder housed in the menu option with the course date.

Sandbox folders will be deleted!

From now on, sandbox folders will be deleted immediately after the Plone Introduction course so you will not be able to access them afterwards. To get access to your own office/departmental website please contact your website coordinator.

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