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logo Wellcome Trust ISSF funding for translation and innovation encompasses projects in the Bio-Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities. At its core, the intent of this funding stream is to facilitate the transition of pre-existing research into developments which impact: patient outcomes and experiences, the organisation and operation of health care systems, patient understandings of and engagement with illness and consequent healthcare, and the depth and reach of planning and diagnostic tools for medical stakeholders and policy makers.  Many exciting innovations such as new therapies, diagnostics and medical devices that are designed for use and acceptance by patients and clinicians can fail to achieve impact as a result of human factors rather than science quality. We are interested in projects with outcomes that impact and influence health outcomes, delivery of diagnosis, the experience of healthcare systems by patients, the adoption of new innovations by patients, health policy makers and clinicians  or the conduct and execution of health-related research by third parties.

Under this Wellcome Trust ISSF funding stream we will support collaborative  and cross disciplinary projects that can make the difference in establishing core foundations, completing feasibility studies or bringing to fruition concepts and applications that have developed within the University of Leicester or University Hospitals Leicester Trust.  Years one to three funding for our scheme stands at £75,000, and we aim to fund a range of projects across the three Colleges of the University. We expect to have 1 funding call per year and do not seek to limit the amount of individual applications.

Such projects might include but are not limited to:

  • Developing new medical devices or clinical processes for commercial exploitation.
  • The evaluation, development or commercial exploitation of databases that can help in the planning of health systems or the targeting of health care resources.
  • Significant policy interventions, e.g. the use and circulation of patient case records by third parties.
  • Analysis of patient understandings of the risk associated with surgical or drug interventions and the development of educational tools facilitate better sensitivity to risk.
  • The development of targeted and lasting interventions in health policy, the patient journey or clinical practice using new research in the humanities.
  • Exploitable work on disease prevention, including diet, pollution and lifestyle
  • Factors affecting uptake of new medicine in a BME population
  • Factors inhibiting uptake of diagnostic innovation in the NHS
  • Sociological impacts of genetic testing
  • Cyber security in relation to health data, what are the public concerns

Our scheme leads for this aspect of the Wellcome Trust ISSF grant are Alasdair Gaw and Steve King and both colleagues would be happy to talk to prospective applicants prior to formal submission.

Applications <£500 no deadline

LD3/WTISSF Translational Research Project Call. Following the major uplift in MRC Confidence-in-Concept funding, LD3 are putting out a new call for translational projects. This is being done in conjunction with the WT-ISSF, which also has funding available for Translation & Innovation projects. The deadline for this call is 1st May

Further information. Application form.

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