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Translation, Innovation, Leicester

ISSF funds will boost the number of translation and innovation projects that we undertake in Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, the Social Sciences and Humanities to support our strategic priorities.

Why? We wish to diversify our portfolio of industrial engagement and innovation activities that underpin our health-related agenda. Through ISSF1 we established a Centre for Translational Therapeutics, now the Leicester Drug Discovery and Diagnostics Centre (LD3), which with additional University and MRC investment has supported pilot projects that subsequently secured large translational awards (e.g. MRC-DPFS £2.5M on scarring, GSK-FastTrack/DPAc >£1M on non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma). We will also support innovation projects in social science and humanities such as solutions to collecting evidence of rape in conflict countries.

What? ISSF funds will work alongside our Proof-of-Concept and Prospects Funds for resourcing translation and innovation projects that provide knowledge exchange, impact and collaboration with non-academic organizations, industry and business.

How? Awards will be made annually based on project quality, PI track record and the medium-term potential for income generation or impact.

Measures of success  We will grow our enterprise portfolio, which has yielded maximal HEIF return in the past three years, through securing new translational awards and income generation streams. We will strengthen our working relationship with the Research & Innovation Board of the NHS Trust to deliver on the Department of Health’s ‘accelerated access’ agenda. Importantly, this will engender a more impact-driven and entrepreneurial spirit in Leicester researchers.



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The PI for the award is Professor Andrew Fry (, Director of Research and the Manager is Anna Harding, Assistant Registrar(