Movers Make Sense

Movers Make Sense is a collaborative project with the School of Medicine and Movers Theatre Company – a learning disabled theatre company in Leicester, based at Attenborough Arts Centre.

Movers Theatre Company are inviting medical students from University of Leicester to work with them to develop a new play, a digital toolkit, and a short film. We have a dynamic team of arts professionals working with us - playwrite and director: Jayne Williams, theatre maker: Charlotte Bond and film maker: Bill Newsinger.

This project aimed to:

  • help medics gain understanding of the spectrum of learning disabilities
  • share examples of good practice for supporting and communicating with people with learning difficulties
  • foster improved doctor-patient relationships in the community
  • improve public perception of disability


You can see the project video below:

MOVERS from Bill Newsinger on Vimeo.

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The PI for the award is Professor Andrew Fry (, Director of Research and the Manager is Anna Harding, Assistant Registrar(