Public Engagement Scheme

Public Engagement Scheme at Leicester

logo As part of the Wellcome Trust’s bid to embed Public Engagement (PE) within research institutions, the ISSF will be used to do exactly that by focusing on three pillars: Training, Events and Recognition. These three pillars together will bring about the change in culture required of our institution to raise the profile of PE and incentivise researchers to create and take part in PE initiatives.

To develop the next generation of engaged researchers, we will host a university-wide training event delivered by the NCCPE at the university as well as send some of our early career researchers on an external training course in science communications. Together this will help grow and develop the skills required of our academics to be effective and confident when talking to the public about their research. To raise awareness of the importance of PE, the NCCPE will present and discuss with more senior academics the benefits of PE to researchers and answer any questions they may have.

To kick-start more focused activity in our institution, the ISSF Public Engagement manager will be part of an organising committee for a PE event that fulfils the aims of ISSF by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and reaching groups in the community underrepresented by the university's current PE activity. To ensure our researchers are recognised for their PE involvement, the ISSF will be used to support the creation of a university-wide awards ceremony where PE is celebrated and rewarded by senior members of the university in front of their peers. This will help champion those who are actively participating in impactful PE events, creating role models for others to become engaged with the College and wider university PE programme.

Apply now for a Public Engagement Seed Grant Call live now with a 1st November 2017 deadline; applications <£500 no deadline

Apply now for a funding in support of attending an external science communication/media/public engagement training opportunity (no deadline)

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