Projects funded

Awards Made

Fellowships  - follow link

Discipline Bridges (to see the films submitted as part of the application process for these projects follow this link)

  • Nicola Mackintosh, Andrew Willis, Michaela Butter: Diversity, ethnicity and voice: enabling women to speak up about safety concerns in pregnancy and the postnatal period
  • Liz Jones, Martha Clokie: Virus Fear: Cultural Resistance to Biophage Therapy
  • Deirdre Harrington, Melanie Davies, Michelle O'Reilly: Exploration of the impact of societal factors in behaviour change in a family-based type 2 diabetes prevention programme
  • Helen Eborall,  Manish Pareek, Gavin Brown, Cesare Di Feliciantonio, Maria Rovisco: Interventions to provide Infectious Disease KNOWledge to migrants in educational settings (ID-KNOW-HOW)
  • Mervyn Thomas, Irene Gottlobb, Frank Proudlock, Will Norton: Dancing eyes- what can it tell us about vision development?
  • Katie Melvin, John Crossley: Feeling and circumstance: Hallucinations in First Episode Psychosis
  • Grace Sykes, Jason Hughes, Michelle O'Reilly, Martin Tobin and Chiara Batini: Non-Genetic, Social and Pharmacological Determinants of ‘Vaping Careers’: A preliminary study to explore the potential combinations of non-genetic, pharmacological, psychological and social factors influencing adult trajectory
  • Doris Eikhof, Stevie Marsden, Kerry Norman and Keith Randle: Doubling Disability (contract research undertaken by CAMEo for Creative Diversity Network (CDN))
  • TIGER TEAMS: Through the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies funded tiger teams, we aim to break down the silos that have traditionally been a feature of higher education research, enabling academics to explore new, highly innovative ideas, and to stimulate increased ambition through interdisciplinary collaboration. WTISSF has recently joint funded three Tiger Teams in the following areas:

-       Adolescent mental health and social media
-        Urgent care for frail older people
-        Migration and health

  • Marie Nugent (with Leicester City Council):"Supporting the mental wellbeing of people with multiple chronic conditions"
  • Deidre Harrington, (with Leicester City Council):" Exploring the implementation of the Daily Mile by Leicester City Primary Schools and the Implications for public health programming"
  • Joshua Vande Hey, Keith Abrams, John Gulliver (with Leicester City Council): "Air Quality Urban Maps of Pollution Hotspots with integrated Health, Planning, Transport and Population Data"

Institutional Partnerships

  • Andrea Cooper: Chennia Collaboration (further information)
  • Martin Haliwell: Indigenous cultures and mental health: Pine Ridge and the University of South Dakota
  • John Vande Hey: A data-driven methodology for delivering individualized care for patients with environmentally sensitive respiratory conditions
  • Clare Lawson: Risk factor trends and aetiological mechanisms in BME groups leading to Heart Failure (HF) using national and international databases
  • Chiara Batini: Precision medicine goes multi-ethnic: the case study of smoking behaviour
  • Tamihiro Kamata: Initiating collaborative partnership with CRICK and the Julian Downward Laboratory
  • Yimei Zhu: Build collaboration to study the influence of social media on Postpartum depression in China
  • Martin Halliwell: Environmental Health in Alaska: the Exxon Valdez oil spill and climate change
  • Andrew Morozov: International partnership for developing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing melioidosis acquisition in South-Eastern Asia

Equipment Sharing

  • Laura O'Regan: Super resolution microscopy of microtubule organisation
  • Nic Sylvius: RNA Sequencing on Illumina NextSeq Sequencer

Public Engagement

  • Andrew Fry: Creating a Repository of Cell Biology Images
  • Deirdre Harrington: LEI-STAR
  • Oli Williams, Sian Gurdeep: The weight of expectation: stigma, health and the need for a new approach
  • Karen Molyneaux: Fourth IgA nephropathy patient information day
  • Mariane Pape: Movers make sense
  • Sally Horrocks: Challenging misconceptions of autism through creative writing
  • Rebecca Pritchard: Dance vs Diabetes
  • Steve Brown: Delusions of Grandeur
  • Turi King: Gillian Boyle, Ruth Singer, Gayle Price: Process
  • Kate Melvin: Curious conversation: Mental Health?
  • Barbara Czyznikowska, Kamlesh Khunti and Nicola Mackintosh: Health and Wellbeing Drop in Clinics - the Gypsy and Travellers Community Perpective
  • Diane Levine and Lisa Smith: Alternative rites of passage; responding to the research challenges surrounding FGM
  • Ester De Dauw, Adam Smith: Missing Panels
  • Nicola Mackintosh: Diversity, ethnicity and voice: next steps for research to enable women to speak up about safety concerns in pregnancy and the postnatal period
  • Karen Molyneux: IgA nephropathy patients and their carers
  • Helen Eborall, Manish Pareek, Gavin Brown, Cesare Di Feliciantonio , Maria Rovisco: ID-KNOW-HOW
  • Steve Taylor: Children of the Asylum
  • Emma Parker: Joe Orton’s What the Butler Saw: Psychiatry, Sex and Power
  • Turi King: Creativity and Curiosity at the Berlin Science Festival
  • Di Levine and Lisa Smith: Alternative rites of passage: responding to the research challenges surrounding FGM

Translation and Innovation

  • Teela Sanders, Rosie Campbell: Safety and support for online sex workers (SSOSW), good practice from participatory approaches.
  • Liz Anderson, Bob Norman and Leyshon Griffiths: Development and validation of a marketable Healthcare Normal Operations Safety Audit patient safety education and in loco risk-management tool.
  • Jose Miola, Martin Tobin, Louise Wain, Susan Wallace, Rob Free: Dynamic consent to manage recruitment and retention in clinical studies in multi-ethnic settings

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