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logo Through building and maintaining Institutional Partnerships Leicester will strengthen its relationships with Midlands Universities, build a partnership with the Francis Crick Institute, and access expert training and partnerships at other HEIs.

CRICK Seminar and Meeting Programme

Leicester will invite international and UK based speakers to give a seminar at the Crick and at Leicester and will host regular meetings with Crick Scientists. To nominate a speaker from the Francis Crick Institute or to be involved in a Francis Crick Institute seminar speaker visit contact Professor Andrea Cooper (

Equipment Sharing

The Equipment sharing fund of the Institutional Strategic Support Fund scheme is open all year round and has a budget of up to £15K/annum. The amount requested within an individual application is expected to be in the range <£2000. It is anticipated that the use of this fund will encourage a culture of joint working across the region facilitating collaborative research programmes, grant applications, and training. Costs can include travel (via the most economical route) and equipment or core facility access charges. Consumables costs will not be covered unless these are an integral part of the standard facility charge. The scheme is open to any Leicester researcher (including academic staff, graduate students and technical services staff) wishing to access equipment at other members of the Midlands Innovation consortium of research-intensive Universities. A search engine for equipment available to external clients within the Midlands Innovation Universities can be viewed online at In addition, the scheme can be used to support access to equipment at the University of Leicester by external researchers from the Midlands region, including from companies seeking to explore longer term use of University facilities. Research within any area of biomedical research can be supported, including interdisciplinary approaches, but applicants should consider the four ISSF priority areas: (1. Precision Medicine; 2. Ethnic Health and Migration; 3. Structural and Chemical Biology and 4: New Health Agendas in the Social Sciences and Humanities) Further queries can be sent to Professor Martyn Mahaut-Smith ( or Professor Andrew Fry (

Partnership Building

The Partnership Building strand of the Institutional Partnerships theme of the University of Leicester’s Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund is geared to initiating, deepening and maximizing the University’s partnerships in medical and health research. Applications will be open to researchers across the University of Leicester who are working on the strategic development of national and international partnerships. This fund can be used, for example, to bring two laboratory teams together to work on a topic of shared interest; to run a joint symposium with another Centre for Medical Humanities that might form the basis of a collaborative grant application; to meet with a group of international alumni on an enterprise initiative; or to work with an overseas university or NGO on a particular public or global health issue. Funding will be prioritised for interdisciplinary research and for applicants or teams who would otherwise be unable to pursue such a partnership.

The applicant should outline the value of the partnership and detail specifically how that it will enable him/her to develop research, teaching, training and enterprise activities beyond the term of the grant. These funds may be used to cover travel and accommodation expenses for outgoing visits or accommodation, room booking and hospitality expenses for incoming visits. Applications are open all year round with no deadlines for amounts in the range of <£2000. In addition to justification for the use of the fund in the application, a brief CV will be requested for all parties directly benefitting from the fund, including the applicant and partner(s). Further queries can be sent to Professor Martin Halliwell ( or Professor John Schwabe (

Apply now to the Equipment Sharing Fund, <£2000 no closing date. Completed applications forms to be emailed to Anna Harding, WTISSF Manager,

Apply now to the Partnership Building Fund, <£2000 no closing date. Completed application forms to be emailed to Anna Harding, WTISSF Manager,

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