Information for award holders

logoCongratulations on your award from Leicester's ISSF

Please ensure you are fully aware of the following documents and requirements:

Wellcome Trust's Grant Conditions

You are reminded that in particular any research outputs supported in whole or in part by the Grant comply with Wellcome's Open Access policy. All publications must acknowledge the Leicester ISSF in accordance with our Guidance for Research Publication Acknowledgement Practice. The Leicester ISSF award reference is 204801/Z/16/Z.

New opportunities from Wellcome to make ISSF funded outputs open access

Wellcome Open Research is a bold new publishing platform that removes barriers to publication, enabling Wellcome-funded researchers to rapidly publish any of their results from traditional narrative-based articles to incremental findings, methods, datasets and more. All publishing costs are centrally funded by Wellcome, simplifying the publishing process further.

Europe PMC is a repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, books, patents, clinical guidelines and funding portfolios. Europe PMC provides a mechanism for Wellcome-funded authors to self-archive research publications and to link publications to their Wellcome grant.

Reporting on the outcomes of your ISSF project

A new web based reporting tool has been launched for project holders to report on the outcomes of their project.  Contact Anna Harding if you require any assistance with this.


The Wellcome Trust ISSF is divided into seven different areas

  • Early Career Fellows (Anna Kardas
  • Discipline Bridges (including Tiger Teams and Networks) (Yelena Mazulina
  • Crick Institutional Partnerships (Avril Saunders
  • Institutional Partnerships (including jointly funded projects with the ESRC IAA) (Kerry Warner
  • Public Engagement (Yelena Mazulina
  • Translation and Innovation (Kerry Warner
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (including the Returners to Research Scheme) (

If you wish to receive a balance sheet from SAP for your project you can contact Anna Harding or the names given above.

Budgets are strictly capped at the amount specified in your award email. Any overspends will have to be reimbursed.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are asking any applicant/award holder to WTISSF if they would be willing to complete our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion survey:

It is not mandatory, but extremely helpful to us in terms of considering if we are attracting applications and funding them from a broad range of colleagues.


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The PI for the award is Professor Andrew Fry (, Director of Research and the Manager is Anna Harding, Assistant Registrar(