CRICK Seminar and Meeting Programme

Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund: Crossing discipline, ethnic and social boundaries to promote health

CRICK Seminar and Meeting Programme, led by Professor Andrea Cooper

As part of the WTISSF award to Leicester we will host a number of high profile CRICK researchers to visit us and give a seminar.

The first one will take place on Wednesday 28th June, 12:45pm-1:45pm in Lecture Theatre 2, Centre for Medicine. All are welcome to attend.

Our speaker/visitor is Professor Andreas Wack and the title of the seminar is "Lung epithelia under attack: influenza, interferons and pollutants”.

Please book a ticket at:

Professor Wack

Biosketch: After his PhD on thymocyte development at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) in London, Andreas Wack moved to the research institute of Novartis Vaccines in Siena, Italy, where he worked on the modulation of human T and NK cell function by the hepatitis C virus, human dendritic cell subsets and their crosstalk, the mechanism of action of vaccine adjuvants, and next generation influenza vaccines. Since 2009 he is back at the NIMR, now Francis Crick Institute, where his group studies the responses of airway epithelia and innate immune cells to influenza infection and to influenza-bacterial co-infection. His lab aims to identify determinants of immunopathology and protection and has assessed unique and redundant roles of type I and type III interferons in influenza. A second focus of his group is airway epithelial cell differentiation, a process that has to be efficient and balanced to guarantee timely repair of lung tissue damage during infection.


Flagship Lectures and Interest Group Seminars are held regularly at the Francis Crick Institute. Here are the upcoming sessions:


Flagship lectures:

15 June 2017 - Adrian Bird, University of Edinburgh

14 July 2017 (12:00) - Michael Sheetz, Columbia University and National University of Singapore

27 July 2017 - Lewis Cantley, Cornell University, New York

7 September 2017 - Patrick Cramer, Max Planck Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen

21 September 2017 - Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

19 October 2017 - Peter Howley, Harvard Medical School, Boston

15 November 2017 - Harold Varmus, Weil Cornell Medicine, New York

30 November 2017 - Ruslan Medzhitov, Yale University, New Haven

14 December 2017 - Bonnie Bassler, Princeton University, New York

18 January 2018 - Josef Penninger, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna

8 March 2018 - Elaine Fuchs, Rockefeller University, New York

26 April 2018 - James Rothman, Yale University

Flagship lectures typically take place on Thursdays at 4pm in the Crick's auditorium. If you would like to come, please contact Ava Yeo:


Interest Group Seminars:


You can find out more about each Interest Group, and see who to contact if you are interested in getting involved, by following the links below. You are welcome to attend our seminars. No registration is required (unless it is a specialist ticketed event) just ask at reception for the seminar you are interested in attending.


Cancer Cell Biology and SignallingChromosome BiologyComputational and Physical BiologyDevelopment and Stem Cells Immunology InfectionsNeuroscience Structural Biology




It would be useful to know if you are intending to attend any of the above mentioned events at the Crick. Please drop a line by email to Anna Harding ISSF Manager

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