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CRICK Seminar and Meeting Programme, led by Professor Andrea Cooper

Introduction to seminars at The Francis Crick Institute, London, from Anna Harding, ISSF Manager

I looked up at the sky and was startled by the stunning exterior of the Crick Institute; it looked magnificent, even on a grey autumnal day in central London. Indeed, the Crick Institute is literally across the road from St Pancras Station; incredibly easy to get to from Leicester.  Signpost to the Crick

I was at the Crick to attend one of their research lectures and to have a look around at the building and their working environment. I was mightily impressed with my visit. The lectures are given by inspiring and top quality speakers, on fascinating subjects. The lecture I attended was given by Peter Howley, MD from Harvard Medical School on the molecular biology of the papillomaviruses and the role of these viruses in carcinogenesis. I was gripped throughout. Seminars are well attended with several hundred Crick staff piling into their Wellcome Lecture Theatre at the front of the building. Indeed I was advised that if Leicester researchers want to go to the seminars, they just need to bring their Leicester ID badge along. You will receive a very warm welcome and there is a drinks reception, which you can use for networking after the seminar [seminars start at 4pm]. The staff I met during my visit are excited at the thought that we might regularly start to join them for their lecture series and I strongly urge you to plan a visit.

Forthcoming seminars at the CRICK

It would be very helpful to notify me, WT ISSF Manager Anna Harding at when you go to any of these events.




Medicine at the CRICK

The new 'Medicine at the Crick' event series showcases major advances in biomedical science and raises awareness of the medical implications of major scientific advances. Interested members of the Crick and wider UK biomedical community are invited to attend.

Each event comprises a series of short talks, one or two keynote lectures and a panel discussion. Members of the academic medical press and of the biomedical research community will also be invited.

Titia de Lange seminar at the Crick Institute, London


As part of Nicola Royle’s telomere group, it was a fantastic opportunity to travel down to London to hear Titia de Lange speak, one of the key figures in telomere biology. She is a wonderful speaker and engaged really well with the audience - mainly made up of Crick students and staff.  It was great to be able to attend a seminar where the subject directly relates to your PhD project. The talk was clearly split in two parts: first, a concise but thorough background on telomere biology and second, a more focused discussion on her current research (which involves a protein complex I am studying), where she shared some of her unpublished data.

I would strongly recommend travelling down to the Crick to fellow students if they spot a seminar they are interested in – travelling there is easy and upon arrival they can have a look at the current exhibition in the foyer before the 4pm seminar. The Crick Institute is a state-of-the-art building and although part of it is open to the general public, it still felt like a privilege being able to attend a seminar there.

Aurora Sommer, Genetics, Genome Biology

Lecture Theatre

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