Safety, health and wellbeing

There are a range of services and facilities available to members of staff at the University to encourage health and wellbeing.

Staff Wellbeing

The Staff Counselling and Wellbeing service provides a range of confidential counselling and support services specifically for members of staff.

Safety Services

Safety Services provide advice on health and safety matters, monitor health and safety (including accident investigation), and maintain health and safety policies.

Occupational Health

Responsible for health surveillance (ie. the monitoring of employee health following a risk assessment), including medical testing and vaccinations.

Referrals to Occupational Health should normally be through your line manager and Personnel.


The Chaplaincy Centre (The Gatehouse) is on University Road, just opposite the Mayor's Walk entrance to the University. All members of the University, staff and students, of any faith or none, are welcome to use its facilities. The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England have full-time Chaplains. Other Christian and world faith traditions are also represented in the University.

Sports and Recreation at Leicester

Members of staff are invited to make use of the sports and recreation facilities available at the University.

Key contacts

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