Current consultations

A number of consultations are taking place around the University. We will summarise those ongoing and complete consultations on this page.

Department of Chemistry

We are consulting with staff in the Biotechnology research group within the Department of Chemistry. Find out more here (log-in only)

Department of Physics and Astronomy

We are consulting with staff on two areas within the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Find out more here (log-in only).

Department of Mathematics

We are looking to refocus our approach to Mathematics teaching and research. Find out more here (log-in only).

School of Arts

We are consulting in a reduction in teaching posts in the subject of History of Art due to changes in the sector. Find out more here (log-in only).

Completed consultations

The Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning

On Friday 16 September, University Council approved the proposal to disestablish the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning as an academic department of the University. Find out more here.

Department of Criminology

The consultation in the Department of Criminology has now concluded and thanks to the efforts of staff in the department and college some changes have been made to the initial proposal. Find out more here (log-in only).

The University bookshop

On Friday 2 December the University bookshop will be closed to provide a new student social learning space. Bookselling services at the start of term will be preserved, and many of the bookshop services have already moved into the new student shop in the Percy Gee building. Find out more here.

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